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Ex-Lancashire/Cheshire Members

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Roger MarsdenDecember 24, 2010 at 12:52am
Subject: Seasons Greetings
Seasons Greetings to all of our members - hope all is well with you and yours and looking forward to a prosperous 2011 - membership is now growing really well - but we still need some increased support from groups like Lancs NARPO - any assistance greatly appreciated - spread the word to your old ex colleagues and contacts! Please try to dig out some of your 'old photos' from the past - these really do go down well with members - and give the website some added 'interest' - Warm Regards and Sincere Best Wishes to you all - Roger



Greetings, I wonder if you would kindly include this on your website …..

I think at some we have all said to ourselves “WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO ………………” . The police is one organisation where that question is often asked.

You've probably heard a lot about the Social Networking site FACEBOOK (Fb); probably all negative.  Well there are quite a few Serving/ Retired MerPol and other North West Officers who are on Fb; who have formed the "Lancashire Constabulary Veterans" and "Cheshire Constabulary Veterans". These sites are both closed to members of the general public and access is subject to verification. The Lancashire site has over 100  odd members and the Cheshire 47. Both these sites are relatively NEW but are growing in membership; it MAY be an opportunity to look up old friends.


The major concern that most people have about FACEBOOK is the level of privacy/security. Privacy/Security is entirely in the hands of the user; YOU allow access to who YOU want. The level of security is in YOUR hands.


If you are Ex Lancon you will be welcomed and the same will be said for Ex ChePol members.


To those who aren't on Fb why not give it a try. There are various sites/campaigns on Fb including "Save the Royal Iris", "Merseyside Maritime Museum", "Bushmills Irish Whiskey" ,"RNLI", a Golf site with over ONE MILLION members, a Rugby League site with 37, 000 members and even a site about BOWLS with over 7,000 members just to mention a few.


There is so much info on there YOU might just find something that interests you.




Shaun R. Rothwell … MerPol (Ret’d)


Thank you for the information Shaun

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